Helmut & Hedwig Dolde - Silvaner Weißer Jura 2016



Producer:  Helmut & Hedwig Dolde

Country:  Germany

Region:  Swabia

Subregion or Appellation: Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg)

Viticulture: Uncertified by any authority, Helmut Dolde is guided by his dedication to caring for the wild, alpine terroir he wants to preserve for future generations. Helmut eschews the organic movement—because it allows the use of copper sulfates—and focuses instead on leaving the soil in a better condition than he found it.  A former scientist, he’s constantly experimenting with synthetics that do less harm and are more biodegradable than treatments allowed under certain organic certifications. 

Terroir:  Mainly Jurassic (white and brown marl over sand and limestone) plus a small amount of volcanic soils

Varieties Grown:  Silvaner, Riesling, Spätburgunder, Pinot Noir, Schwarzriesling (Pinot Meunier), Weißburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc, Kerner, Dornfelder

Domaine Size: < 2 ha


Svelte, limestone-driven; high altitude and cool climate add freshness

Grapes:  Silvaner

Vintage:  2016 Harvest

Fermentation:  3-4 weeks in stainless

Élevage:  moved to larger stainless tanks to rest on lees for 6 months

ABV: 13%

Notes:  ~15 year old vines, hand harvested, unfined, sulfur as needed, high altitude parcel with pebbles of limestone and clay similar to northern Burgundy