importer & distributor of small-production/low-intervention wines + spirits

SUPER GLOU is an importer and distributor of small-production/low-intervention wines + spirits in New York and California. We work with radical individuals guided by pleasure over dogma. 

All our growers have a direct relationship with their vines. In the cellar, they use nature as their compass but don't deny their own hand (after all, wine doesn't make itself). Some might call them "natural" but they are allergic to trends. They just want us to drink for the pleasure of drinking.



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Super Glou is Jenn Green, Roni Ginach, Michael Ramscar and all the people we want to drink with. We launched in California Summer 2018 and in New York Fall 2018.

Jennifer Green

Jenn Green is the founder of Glou Glou Magazine, a word-of-mouth zine that satisfies her restless spirit and curiosity about humans who make wine. Nomadic by nature, she is always on the go (good luck getting her to stay in one place for more than three weeks) so traveling to eat, drink and write “for work” is just about the only way she could possibly earn a living. She has an insatiable appetite for weird catchphrases and holds the singular distinction of getting hungry every two hours. Jenn fell in love with wine when she realized it made food taste better.

But the story isn’t really that simple. While in school in Philadelphia, Jenn fell into the good graces of the Kelly Writers House, which allowed her to live in France as she dissected translations of the 19th century poet Stéphane Mallarmé by day and swilled wine by night. The poem was “Un coup de Dés Jamais N’Abolira Le Hasard” (“A Throw of the Dice Never Eliminates Chance”) and the wines were Loire Valley whites. Jenn came to see language as a process of translation where word-for-word is a fantasy and we’re left trying to fill in the gaps. (Making sense of wine wasn’t all that different — winemakers try to translate their terroir into juice and wine drinkers try to translate their experiences into words. Most fail, but the experiment is what matters.)

Thirsty for more, Jenn was lucky to skip past the ranks of industrial wine and fall straight into the real stuff thanks to her pal Jason Malumed of MFW. Jason inspired her to launch Glou Glou Mag, and she moved to LA where she cut her teeth repping four portfolios and slinging BBQ on the side. She tasted many experiments and learned to identify the successes with the help of her eating and drinking partner-in-crime Michael Ramscar aka “Fatboy.” They found a trusted ally in Roni and formed Super Glou to bring those radical successes to market.

Roni Ginach

Roni is a born and bred Israeli-New Yorker who found her home in the eucalyptus strewn wilds of Los Angeles. After stints in Berlin and Melbourne, she found herself working on the floor at The Musket Room in New York’s NoLiTa where she was, by some insane stroke of luck, given her first shifts as a sommelier under the incredible tutelage of New Zealand’s only MS, Cameron Douglas, and the illustrious Erin Scala of I’ll Drink to That fame. In LA, she found her feet and learned the lay of the land while working at Domaine LA and soon after took over the list at Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake. Under her regime, the restaurant was recognized as one of Wine Enthusiast’s 100 Top Wine Restaurants of 2016 for the first time in its twelve year history. After Cliff’s Edge, Roni built the beverage program at the much-celebrated Middle East inspired Kismet and then moved on to run the wine list at one of Los Angeles’ stalwarts, Michael’s.

During her time at Michael’s, Roni helped revitalize this aged beauty into the incredible and award-winning institution that it once was and has finally become again. She has consistently worked for other import portfolios and eventually started brokering some domestic producers on the side because she didn’t trust anyone else to do them justice, starting with Tony Coturri.

One thing led to another and at the Hanukkah party at Roni’s house in December of 2017 after too much wine and too many latkas, Jenn and Roni made a pact to start what would eventually become Super Glou. The next day they booked a trip to France, slept in king sized bunk beds in Saumur for a few days and the rest is history.

Michael “Fatboy” Ramscar 

Michael Ramscar prefers to lurk behind his informal nom-de-vin, "Fatboy." He first cut his importing teeth in London while posing as a Philosophy major (he needed something to fill the hours, and found an answer in Burgundy). He has spent the subsequent years vacillating between his day job in science and the distractions afforded by the wine trade. Some highlights from the latter over the years include helping out with the élevage on a pioneering Californian natural wine, getting lost on the way to way too many trade tastings, and inventing a now famous wine region.





Jennifer Green


Roni Ginach

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